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10 Useful Gifts for Construction, Roadwork & Oil Field Workers

10 Useful Gifts for Construction, Roadwork & Oil Field Workers

The holiday season is around the corner. Finding a practical and thoughtful gift for someone who works in construction, roadwork, or the oil field can be tricky. In this blog, we list some gift ideas that are great for your recipient.

  1. A Personalized Tumbler
    At this time of year, there’s nothing like a hot cup of coffee or tea to get through the long, cold days. Alternatively, when it heats back up, a cold beverage is refreshing and satisfying. Hydration and caffeine get construction, roadwork and oil field workers through their days. Why not give them the ability to have cold or hot drinks with one glass all year round? A vacuum-sealed tumbler is a great gift idea for this. They come in an array of sizes, designs and colours.  Better yet, personalize your gift to avoid someone else taking it home by accident.
  1. New Steel-Toed Boots
    On most job sites, steel-toed boots are mandatory for safety. If you’re noticing that your gift recipient’s footwear is looking pretty dismal, or they’ve mentioned a need for new ones, why not surprise them with a new pair? Brands like Timberland, Red Wing, and Cat make great high-quality steel-toed boots. Your recipient’s company may have other requirements in addition to steel toes, so you may want to consider other features as well (waterproof, non-slip, etc). Not only will you save them a trip to find a new pair of boots, but you can also check off one more gift on your list. 
  1. Insulated Lunch Bag
    Oilfield and construction workers will agree that eating out daily can take a bite out of their paycheck.  Eating out isn’t always optional in this industry:  in some cases, the sites are remote, and it’s challenging to access food or store it if you bring your own. This makes a well-insulated lunch bag a great gift. Insulated lunch bags help keep perishables fresh and unspoiled and warm foods at the right temperature. Insulated lunch bags keep food fresh while encouraging better eating and spending habits. Best of all, insulated lunch bags come in a variety of sizes. This makes packing a week’s worth of meals to remote sites, or an extra meal for a long work day, easier. 
  1. Massages
    A gym membership may seem like a good idea for the person who’s working on-site or in oil fields. After all, they need to keep fit and healthy to keep up with their job’s demands, right? This may be true, but what’s equally important is a little relaxation. Whether in a sedentary position as an operator or moving around as a labourer, muscles can and will start to ache. A gift card for a massage is the perfect remedy. If the recipient is not big on going to a registered massage therapist, you can purchase massage devices to help alleviate the aches and pains of these hard-working labourers.
  1. Bluetooth Ear Defenders
    On busy roadwork and construction sites, protecting your hearing is necessary if not vital. For many, it’s a safety requirement for their job. But why go for regular ear defenders? Thanks to advancing technology, Bluetooth is now an up-and-coming feature in ear defenders. Not only do Bluetooth devices help block out sound better, but they also keep the wearer’s auditory processing high so they can continue to be aware of what’s around them.  Pretty important from a safety perspective!  
  1. Sun Guard Shirts
    It may be getting colder out, but this doesn’t mean the sun’s rays aren’t harmful. The reflective glare of the snow on sunny days can cause mild sunburns. The last thing roadwork, construction, or oilfield workers need to worry about is a sunburn. The gift of sun guard shirts will protect the wearer with UV blocking that keeps the sun, and heat, off their backs, arms and chests. Better yet, it’s a gift that keeps giving when summer hits and the risk of sunburn increases. If this is your gift of choice, you should opt for long-sleeved shirts with dry-fit material to ensure maximum coverage and comfort.
  1. A Rugged Phone Protector
    It’s not optional anymore to keep a work phone in the truck or office while onsite. Client emergencies and upper management demands mean that a worker needs to be accessible at all times.  Keeping their delicate (and expensive) phone on them amidst hardcore labour can be quite anxiety-inducing. Give your recipient peace of mind by gifting them a good quality phone protector that’s designed to withstand intense shock. It’s even better if it’s waterproof! That way, they’re still reachable whether they drop their phone on concrete or into a  puddle.
  1. Gift Cards (No, Seriously!)
    Maybe it’s something you haven’t even considered or thought would be a dismissive way of gifting someone. Think again! Oilfield workers and construction workers are no strangers to fast food, grocery store, and gas station trips. A gift card for a well-established chain of gas stations or a fast food restaurant is a blessing! If you want it to be more personal, choose a gift card for your recipient’s favourite eatery or grocery store that’s easy to access in several locations. It may be a simple gift, but it’s a good one for those whose work takes them on the road a lot.
  1. Cooling Neck Towels
    It’s cold outside now, but when summer heats back up, the days on a job site will be long and hot. Running machinery only adds to the blistering heat that labourers experience every season.  Overheating doesn’t happen only to machinery, it happens to workers, too. To help keep them cool during the dog days of summer, cooling neck towels are a great gift idea. Relief from the heat is always appreciated!
  2. Upgrade Their Tools
    Nothing is worse than a dead tool battery in the middle of a workday! Help them keep their team going by upgrading your recipient’s tool set with newer versions. It's a heartfelt and practical gift! And while you’re at it, why not add on a portable battery charger? Dead batteries mean downtime, and downtime isn’t good for construction, roadwork, or the oilfield. Upgrading a toolkit may result in less time at the job, and more time at home.
JAPA Machinery knows the importance of equipping workers with the parts and tools they need to be successful onsite and in the field. JAPA has been the top choice for renting out construction machinery and the oil and gas industry since 1972. Over the last fifty years, our company has been providing clients with onsite emergency repairs and keeping downtime to a minimum. Our technicians are here to help you get up and running again with our on-call service trucks and our state-of-the-art service bay. Whether you need an excavator, a compactor, a wheel loader, or any machine for your job, we can provide it and fix it.


Contact us today to see what JAPA can provide for your next project.

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