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Wheel Loaders: Brands You Should Know

Wheel Loaders: Brands You Should Know

Pushing, crushing and moving earth and debris - the wheel loader is designed to make way for roads, tunnels and buildings. While all wheel loaders are considered heavy equipment - and most have the same features, the big wheel loader brands each bring something different to the table. These are the brands you should know before you buy your next dozer.

Wheel Loader Benefits

No matter which brand you choose, there are some clear benefits to owning your own wheel loader. Lease and rental rates can eat up the profits from a job in no time - owning your own equipment allows you to allocate it as needed, with no down time. When you own your own big earthmover, you know exactly how many hours it has on it, how it has been maintained and how it should be used. The learning curve for a new piece of equipment can be substantial; your trained operator will only need to how to operate a machine you own one time.

When you rely on others for your heavy equipment, you may end up with the wrong tools for your project. Using a front end loader to move earth is like trying to hammer nails with a shoe; you may get the job done, but it will take a lot of extra effort.

5 Wheel Loader Brands you Should Know 


Established in 1943, XCMG ranks NO.1 in China and NO.3 in the world's construction machinery industry. XCMG wheel loaders, featured by strong joint operation ability, wide vision, safety and comfort, are widely used in road construction, agriculture, forestry, mines, and other challenging working environments. XCMG is taking innovation and sustainability as its core development strategy and places the concept of sustainable development throughout every link of its product manufacturing. XCMG is quickly growing in popularity and becoming the equipment manufacturer of choice in North America.

John Deere

The legendary agricultural equipment company may be known for tractors - but they offer a substantial line of wheel loaders and heavy equipment as well. With an instantly recognizable logo - yellow and green with a running deer--and a solid reputation for quality, John Deere is the oldest American company in the construction and forestry equipment business. John Deere is the largest and most diversified player in the industrial equipment field, making it an ideal choice for a solid workhorse of a wheel loader.


Ask any school child to draw a wheel loader and you'll likely get a picture of a big, yellow Caterpillar. With over 100 years of experience, a CAT is what most people think of when they picture a wheel loader. While Caterpillar's biggest competitor, John Deere, offers everything from forestry equipment to suburban lawnmowers, CAT focuses on heavy equipment like wheel loaders. This specialization makes them more desirable for buyers interested in specialized equipment or additions. For simple brute force and power (what you likely need most in a dozer), most reviewers agree that Caterpillar can't be beat.


Komatsu Limited is the second largest producer of heavy construction equipment in the world, second only to Caterpillar. Based in Japan, the company offers a line of mining and excavating equipment, along with some highly specialized and technologically advanced wheel loaders in the US. Komatsu is a relative newcomer, compared to the other brands on the market - the company was founded shortly before World War II and came to America in the post war era. The largest and most powerful wheel loader on the market today is a Komatsu - the D575 "super dozer" weighs in at a hefty 250,000lbs and offers over 1100 horsepower to move just about anything that needs to be moved. 


Based in Korea and North Dakota, the newest arrival on the bulldozing scene is only about 65 years old. The largest business in North Dakota, Bobcat offers a full line of heavy and agricultural equipment, including wheel loaders. Most Bobcat models are best for small construction sites and projects, their petite stature and maneuverability make them a must for working in tight quarters. Bobcat offers hybridized machines, and specialty models with features you may not find elsewhere. Recent additions to the lineup include models designed specifically for moving rocks and debris, and plenty of lifting/pushing hybrid models. While a Bobcat would not be the best choice if brute force and pushing is required, for jobs that need maneuverability and finesse, they excel.

Learning more about the leading wheel loader brands will help you make the best buying decision for your business. Each company on our list offers quality construction equipment with the peace of mind you can expect when you buy from a well known and loved brand. 

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