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Tips for Lowering Owning and Operating Costs on Your Machines

Tips for Lowering Owning and Operating Costs

The cost of owning heavy equipment can quickly add up over the life of the machine when you factor in everything needed to keep them running. From routine service to fuel purchasing, cost-saving measures can be an effective way to reduce financial loss. However, some cost-saving measures such as routine checkups can cause long-term damage to your equipment and cost you more in the long run to fix. In this month’s blog, we’ll be discussing tips about how you can reduce expenses for the highest return on your investment. 

Tips for Lowering Owning and Operating Costs
  1. Watch Your Idling

    Just like with a car, excessive idling wastes fuel and adds unnecessary operating expenses to your expense report. Monitoring idle time in your machine and encouraging others to do the same can help reduce fuel use by identifying periods where machines can be turned off completely. You can also see operators who are idling excessively and provide training on how to run their machines more efficiently.

  2. Keep Record of Your Machines

    Keep careful documentation of what equipment you currently have access to and what contractually you are required to have on-site. Having a good record of which machines are available will decrease downtime in waiting for one to be delivered or be available. If a job, for example, requires an excavator that isn’t currently on-site, ensure that you can locate a suitable replacement in your yard or one that’s sitting idly on another job site and is not in use. 

  3. Consider Secondhand

    While not a necessity, to help cut down on costs, buying new isn’t always the answer. To help save on new equipment costs, consider buying secondhand, previously used machinery from reputable distributors. Pay attention to the brand you’re buying from, as quality machines, such as from XCMG, will be your best choice in running long-term. Compared to purchasing new machines, there will be a significant decrease in spending and ensuring that your equipment can handle the wear and tear ahead of them.

  4. Do Daily Machinery Inspections

    At the end of every workday, even though it’s tempting to clock out and head home, to help save money you should do an inspection of your machine. This can help avoid costly future repairs and unnecessary downtime in case something has occurred to damage a part of the machine or wear and tear has begun. A thorough inspection should consist of checking for the following:
    • Excessive dirt and debris that may be combustible or prevent system cooling
    • Fluid leaks to prevent system failures
    • All fluid levels
    • Fuel water separator (drain any water in the filter housing)
    • Track adjustment to prevent power loss, excessive roller & idler wear and tearing of tracks

It’s also a good idea to grease all fittings to avoid premature pin and bushing wear, as well as clean out the undercarriage to prevent premature wear when time is available.

In conclusion, by following the tips provided, lowering your owning and operating costs, in the long run, is far more accessible. You may even be inspired to come up with new ways to lower them that will benefit you and your machines. 


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