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XDA45U Articulated truck

XDA45U Articulated truck


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1. Genuine engine, transmission box and axles imported overseas have strong power, low fuel consumption and high working efficiency.

2. The pump controlling hydraulic system and load-sensitive steering system enhance system stability, quicken trouble shooting and save more energy.

3. The application of XCMG's exclusive traveling control strategy and fault analysis system makes the overall vehicle more intelligent.

4. 6×6 drive and friction-disk type inter-wheel/inter-axle differential locks take passing performance, reliability and riding stability to a higher level.

5. ROPS & FOPS that meet ISO standards are equipped in driver's cab, enlarges interior space, broadens field of view range, secures driver's working safety and increases comfort level of driving experience

6. Driver's cab and engine hood are both flipping designs, and the cab is integrated with a centralized lubrication system, all these designs make maintenance more convenient and more efficient.


 Item Unit Parameter
Load capacity kg 41000
Kerb weight kg 34000
Max. speed km/h 51
Rated power/rotating speed kW /rpm 390/1800
Max. grade ability % 45

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