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A Checklist for Purchasing a Used Excavator

A Checklist for Purchasing a Used Excavator

When it comes to earthmoving projects, not only do they take a lot of manpower and machine power to complete the task, but they can be costly for the overall budget of the project. Purchasing a previously owned excavator can save on money. It’s important, however, to be aware of what to look for when purchasing. Look for the following when considering purchasing a used excavator:

1. Application

    What is the machine going to be used for?  Truck loading will generally require a short stick and bigger bucket. Trenching will generally require a longer stick & a narrower bucket.  Undercarriage is another consideration, wet and soft underfoot conditions will require wider pads and a longer undercarriage.  Firm underfoot conditions will require narrower pads to reduce wear.

    2. Look for Damage

      Damage or excessive wear for the hours are never a good sign when purchasing a used excavator. If the under-house guarding is caved in, the machine may have been working in rock or frozen material and there may be other damage unseen to the naked eye.

      3. Check for Wear

        Check for wear on all the pins & front linkage. Loose pins may require replacement & possibly line boring of the holes if there is excessive wear. This wear could be caused by lack of grease or very tough digging.  Check undercarriage, if machine has been walked a lot (pipeline work) link assemblies & rollers could be worn more than what would be expected for the hours.

        4. Attachment Selection

          When purchasing additional attachments make sure they are compatible with the machine.  Oversize buckets could cause excessive wear on the boom & stick as well as the pins.  Make sure any hydraulic attachments are sized for the machine, and that the machine can deliver the required hydraulic oil flow & pressure.

          5. Know Where Your Excavator Comes From

          Finally ensure that your excavator comes from a reputable distributor. Look for used equipment from companies that guarantee a high standard of operating ability and stability such as XCMG. Quality is the key word to look for when it comes to making sure that your excavator will be able to perform optimally and be safe for your operators.  


          By using this checklist, purchasing a safe and affordable second-hand excavator is easier to manage. Keep these in mind when looking for excavators previously owned and operated to ensure the success of your earthmoving project.


          Looking For an Excavator For Your Next Earthmoving Project? Concerned About Purchasing a Used Excavator?

          Since 1972 JAPA has been providing the Oil and Gas, Construction, and Road Building industries with high quality products and professional, knowledgeable service. JAPA is proud to be a distributor of XCMG Canada, a product that represents an extensive amount of research and development for this market. This construction machinery is of the highest quality, whether new or previously used, which JAPA strives to provide for our customers. XCMG was awarded the Annual Best Investor by the German Government and Annual Top 10 Enterprise by the Brazilian Government. XCMG has also been awarded the Red Dot prize for design in Germany. It’s no wonder why as JAPA has seen XCMG continue to progress through technological innovations on the current product lines of earth-moving machinery, excavation machinery, road machinery, hoisting machinery, concrete machinery, and heavy-duty trucks. 

          If your machinery does break down, JAPA knows that downtime is one of the biggest enemies to our customers. By minimizing the time spent waiting on repairs, we can allow our customers to achieve their project goals and deadlines. Our expert Service Technicians will provide friendly, professional, and timely service whether in our brand new state of the art shop, or at your job-site, with our fleet of fully equipped service trucks. JAPA’s service department can get you back up and running whether you need an oil change to engine overhaul to a complete rebuild.  

          Contact us by calling 780-962-5272 or submitting a form through our Contact page with any questions you may have about JAPA’s products and services.

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