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Avoid Fuel Contamination from Happening to You

Avoid Fuel Contamination from Happening to You

Downtime for maintenance can be detrimental to any job. When dirt and dust enter fuel systems in your heavy machinery, downtime can worsen. This can cause your engine’s life to be reduced and are a significant cause of all failures in fuel systems. Even tiny amounts of dirt and dust in your machine’s fuel system can become obstructions. This blog will go over what you must look out for and what you can do to prevent this issue from occurring, ensuring downtime is minimized.
Avoid Fuel Contamination from Happening to You

What to Look Out for

If dirt and dust are introduced into an engine, any part that will move could be affected. Wear is quickly accelerated when the particles interfere with the movement of the different parts of the engine. These parts include:

  • Inner and Outer valves
  • Nozzle Needles
  • Seats
  • Command Piston Sliding Portions
  • Injector Barrel and Plunger
  • Control Valves

    Newer engines, especially, are even more susceptible to damage. That’s because the fuel injection pressure in newer engines is higher. Thus, the smallest particles can impair normal engine functions.

    How to Stop Dirt and Dust

    Construction, oil and gas, and roadbuilding projects operate in dusty environments. So how do you prevent dirt and dust from contaminating your machinery? First, proper maintenance of all fueling equipment is required. When you need to refuel, change filters, and repair engines, try to get these tasks done indoors.

    1. When you refuel, you should always replace the nozzle onto the pump rather than letting it fall on the ground where it could gather dust.
    2. Prevent dust and dirt particles from entering the fuel system by ensuring the vent tube and fuel tank caps are tightly sealed after refueling.
    3. While servicing your equipment, minimize the possibility of exposing the engine to the air as this minimizes any risks of introducing contaminant particles into the fuel system.
    4. Change filters promptly at the manufacturer’s suggested intervals because clogged filters won’t keep dirt from circulating through your engine.
    5. Always use filters that the equipment’s manufacturer approves, as an irregular or ill-fitting filter will allow dust and dirt particles to contaminate your engine.
    6. Carefully follow the instructions provided in your equipment operator’s manual when changing both the primary filters and the pre-fuel filters so that particles will not enter the fuel system.
    7. Always check your equipment’s seals to detect possible leaks, as finding any immediately will help minimize the risk of exposure to particles and the wear and tear of the equipment.
    8. Do not fill the filter element with fuel when changing the main filter, as this will keep you from introducing any contaminants during the replacement process.
    9. Make it a habit to check that the equipment’s O-ring always fits appropriately, ensuring it will help keep particles out of the engine.
    10. Always make sure that you are getting your parts from a quality distributor or serviced by experienced technicians to ensure that the risk of contamination is kept to a minimum.

    These tips will ensure that your equipment’s engine will run better and have a long operating life, keeping you on the job and on time. 

    Quality Equipment and Service

    Since 1972, Alberta's Oil and Gas, Construction, and Road Building industries have been provided with high-quality products and professional, knowledgeable service by JAPA. Our company is proud to be a distributor of XCMG, known for its high quality and durability whether you are purchasing new models or previously used. Whichever may be, there’s a reason why we distribute an acclaimed award-winning manufacturer. So whether you’re looking for an excavator, a soil compactor, asphalt compactors or crawler tractors, we have a machine that will run for you. When it doesn’t, don’t worry: our technicians are here to help minimize your downtime and get you up and running again. Contact us today, and let’s help you get to work or get back to work.

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